Frog Sticker Hooks
Never miss a fish again in a short bite with a frog. Our Frog Sticker, with a 5/0 wide gap Mustad hook setting back between the legs of the frog, will give you a good hook set. With a regular hook set up it would be just a blow up or a short hit and no fish. The Frog Sticker will land in the water always with the frog right side up and the hook upright. You can also fish it on the surface or swim it at any speed under the water.

#FS (01): Watermelon Red Flk. - 3 Pack
#FS (02): White - 3 Pack
#FS (03): Yellow - 3 Pack
#FS (04): Black - 3 Pack
#FS (05): Green Pumpkin - 3 Pack

$5.49 per pack

Frog Sticker Hooks -5/0 - 3 Pack
01 Watermelon Red Flk. 02 White 03 Yellow 04 Black
05 Green Pumpkin

How to Rig a Frog Sticker
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