Chattering Cajins

Chattering JigChattering Jig
You can now fish the trees any lay downs and get your jig back. The ONLY chatter bait with a weed guard. Flash, vibration and realistic action all in one bait. With a weed guard and hand tied skirt, it's the best chatter bait. The split ring gives it better action with no restriction on its natural action. 1/2 oz. and 6/0 Mustad hook.
$4.99 ea. (Buy 3 for $13.99)

Skirt Colors Available:
C1 Summer Craw C8 Mudbug
C2 White Gold Flake C9 Bluegill
C3 Gold Shad C10 Chartreuse/White
C4 Watermelon Rind C11 Crystal Shad
C5 Black/Blue C12 Black Copper Flake
C6 Rain Forest C13 Lemon/Lime
C7 Chartreuse Shad

Chattering Jig - 1/2 oz - 6/0 Mustad Hook - $4.99 ea. (Buy 3 for $13.99)
Summer Craw White Gold Flake Gold Shad Watermelon Rind
Black/Blue Rain Forest Chartreuse Shad Mudbug
Bluegill Chartreuse/White Crystal Shad Black Copper Flake

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